February 22, 2021

The Future of Green

Consider additional growth paths to draw coming generations, some of which are already exerting a huge influence on their aging parents. When we think about “going green,” our minds are often directed to today’s “green movement” or, as some call it, “green revolution.” But going green is not a new concept. Although many think the movement began in the 1970s after the conclusion of two world wars and a shift in the United States from an agrarian society to an industrial society, a green movement also began in the 1830s and was defined as a movement to protect the ecosystems. Still earlier versions of green movements began centuries prior, when countries such as Germany, France and England began practicing sustainable forestry management during the medieval period. Communities in Asia also practiced soil conservation through terrace farming and other agricultural practices […]
February 22, 2021

With 25,000 Across the United States, I’d Say Accounting for Cemeteries Is Pretty Important

Can there be a more boring subject to discuss during a worldwide pandemic than accounting? If that is what you are thinking, I disagree. Accounting is the oxygen to keep your business alive. You don’t understand it, so you denigrate its existence. Invest eight minutes into reading this article. If I have not changed your opinion, send me an e-mail yelling at me for wasting eight minutes of your time. If I have succeeded, go out and get a tattoo that says, “Accountants are cool!” The problem with your lack of appreciation for accounting is because your accountant is not making it important. Most cemetery managers think there are three reasons for accounting: Tax Return Accuracy Regulatory Compliance Trust Management If this is your honest opinion, that is fine. It is just like saying, when you go into a restaurant, […]
February 21, 2021

Funeral Service Reimagined In A Post Pandemic World

“Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better” – Maya Angelou (Poet/Activist) This quote above seems so simple, does it not?  Do better when you know better.  But as often is the case, simple things are incredibly difficult to do…especially when everything has been changed by a world that has experienced Covid-19.  Dealing with and adapting to change is difficult enough for most, much less dealing with and adapting to a change that has forced its way into literally every space of our lives. In continuing to spotlight various perspectives of interest from our 2020 Foresight Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study (FCCBS), Foresight Focus recently published a third White Paper entitled, How Covid-19 Changed The Role Of The Funeral And Cemetery Professional.  In it, we examined what wants the consumer revealed […]
February 21, 2021

Independent Contractor vs Employee

Did the DOL just make it easier to decide? Most employers are at least aware of the issue of independent contractor vs employee. But making the determination has never been clear. The Department of Labor has announced a final rule clarifying the standard for independent contractor versus employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). That may sound encouraging, but it is doubtful that the actual 1,200+ page rule and background information makes the designation any easier. In reality, the Rule only clarified the factors to consider that are still open to interpretation. The effective date of the final rule is March 8, 2021. Why does this designation make a difference? There is a financial incentive to declare a worker an independent contractor. But declaring that designation does not make it so under the law. If a worker is deemed […]
February 21, 2021

Industry Spotlight: Family Business Succession

In this industry spotlight, we want to highlight key insights into family business succession. As a young parent, you hold your baby in your arms as you sit at your desk.  You are doing all the tasks that you couldn’t get accomplished during the normal business hours.  You look at this innocent life and think, “someday baby, you will be sitting in this exact desk, doing these exact chores”.  But will they? As a business owner, you now have another “stakeholder” in your decisions in this new life.  Your business must provide great service for your families, must be profitable to provide for your household and now provide more for that household as this new creature has increased your economic liabilities.  Yet, with compassion you are thinking you have just begun to train your next generation of business owner. First, […]
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