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June 27, 2024

Ask the Analyst: Mid-year Self Check-Up

Written by Jarod Bernat As the first half of 2024 comes to a close, it is time to take a look back at how the year has unfolded so far. I’m sure everyone established a budget at the start of 2024, and I’m also sure everyone has set aside time to review how they’ve done versus their expectations through the first six months of the year. Could you read my sarcasm there? Okay, maybe it’s a bit presumptive to assume everyone took time to budget their year out, especially since we’re talking about a profession that’s infamous for being a 24/7 commitment. But it is vitally important to our evolution as business owners to set goals each year, and then afterwards, reflect on our performance against those goals. This means that we must intermittently self-evaluate to identify times in which […]
May 29, 2024

Ask the Analyst: Preparing for Internal Succession Planning Conversation

Many times when our clients think of succession planning, they only think of the financial aspect of it. While this is a very important component, there is more too it when you are first getting started. In fact, one of the first steps is having the internal conversation with yourself and your team. We asked financial analyst, Taylor Weber to share her insights on this important first step in the succession planning process. Question: Other than financial planning, how can we start to prepare for Succession Planning Conversations internally?  Taylor Weber: We often emphasize the equation plan + execution = success. This principle is particularly crucial when determining your exit strategy. With 55% of owners preferring to sell or transfer their business to a family member or current employee rather than a third party, succession planning becomes a vital and […]
April 28, 2024

Ask the Analyst: Q1 is Over, Now What?

Q1 is Over, Now What? Written by Jared Tanke If you are like me, you are probably thinking how in the world are we already four months into the year? While relatively early still, it is always a good idea to take a minute to review what has gone well, what has not gone well, and figure out how to adjust with the remainder of the year. Just like SCI, Park Lawn, and Carriage do every quarter for their investors, every business owner no matter the size should have a quarterly report.  Let’s dive into some of the key things to look at: Number of services – When looking at number of services in the quarter, we should not just fixate on the total, but really break it down into the number of traditional burials, traditional cremations, direct cremations, trade […]
March 28, 2024

Ask the Analyst: Navigating the Slow Days of Summer in the Funeral Business

As we guide our clients through the second quarter of the year, the question of seasonality arises as we get closer to Spring and Summer. We asked Financial Analyst, Luke Potter to share his insights on how to set your business up for the slower days of the summer months. Question: “How can we strategically position ourselves for when we approach the slower days in the upcoming months?” Luke Potter: The funeral business is one that operates in a realm where seasons may not always follow the typical patterns observed in other industries. Although the funeral and cemetery profession is not entirely predictable, there are strategies funeral home owners and cemetery operators can employ to navigate the slower days of summer effectively. Your Business is Your Baby Treating the business as if it were family is an essential principle to […]
February 29, 2024

Ask the Analyst: Don’t Get Caught Without a Plan

As we collaborate with our clients on their business operations, one of the components that we always factor in is creating a proper your succession plan early so that you are prepared well in advance of your transition out of the profession. Planning for your future now is vital. We asked Senior Associate, Jarod Bernat to share his insights on how the importance of a succession plan for a funeral home or cemetery business. Question: I do not have a succession plan for my business created yet. Do I really need one? Jarod Bernat: It often seems that within our profession, “planning for the future” takes on a different meaning than it does to the rest of the world. The funeral and cemetery profession is dominated by devoted servants to their communities who plan their lives and their businesses one […]
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