Buying and Selling a Funeral Home or Cemetery

The Selling Process for a Funeral Home or Cemetery

Every business will be sold someday. As a potential seller you need to decide when is the right time and who has the expertise to help you. We can help with both decisions.

The right time is when you are ready. We can help you compute whether the sale of your business will allow you to be financially independent of the business. Determining the value of your business and whether it will meet your future needs is a critical consideration.

We are uniquely qualified to help you sell your business and do it properly. The sale of a funeral or cemetery business requires a combination of knowledge and experience. Foresight has completed over 500 buying and selling transactions over the years. We have helped clients sell to family members, key employees, regional and national acquirers, and new business owners.

We advise our clients with both insight and foresight on understanding the marketplace for their business, strategies to improve value and knowing when to sell.

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Why Choose Foresight for Your Business Representation?

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We will guide you every step of the way. We understand the marketplace for your business. Our interests are completely aligned with yours throughout the entire process. Our process is unique:

  • We value your company. If you do not agree with the conclusion, we show you how to build the value.
  • We provide you with an understanding of your assets, after tax on the sale.
  • We help you define your role in the business after a sale.
  • Before we go to market, you pre-screen the list of potential buyers.
  • We prepare a comprehensive package to show case the business to potential buyers.
  • As your advocate, we negotiate on your behalf. We use our experience in the marketplace to negotiate the most favorable terms to your benefit.
  • Ultimately you pick the best buyer and we work to get the deal closed!

The Buying Process for a Funeral Home or Cemetery

The purchase of a funeral home or cemetery requires a combination of knowledge and experience. You need an experienced partner who will help you succeed. Foresight is the company that you can trust to guide you through this process.

We advise our clients with both insight and foresight on strategies to improve their profitability, grow their business and ensure a brighter future.

Why Choose Foresight for Your Business Acquisition

As trusted funeral and cemetery consultants we know what needs to be done to facilitate a successful business transfer:

  • Identify a prospect
  • Analyze the quality of business and market
  • Value the business and real estate
  • Underwrite your financing needs and identify the best lender and terms
  • Present a logical offer to the seller and their counselors.
  • Position any offer so it is seen in its best light
  • Work with your lawyer on the transaction
  • Coordinate the due diligence needed by the buyer and their lender
  • Get the deal closed!

Our goal is to get the right deal completed with a pathway to success for your future. Whether you are buying your first business, helping your parents retire, or adding a business; it takes Foresight to see the future.

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    On the sale of West Virginia Memorial Group by the Jersey Memorial Group:

    "Selling your business is a difficult decision, but who to sell your business with is easy, for me it was Foresight. Their unparalleled experience in death care was evident in every point of my transaction. I always felt that they put my needs first and ultimately brought together a great conclusion between the future owner of the businesses that we worked so hard to build."

    Jersey Memorial Group
    David Lee Hernández Jr.
    Jersey Memorial Group

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