March 22, 2023

Ask the Experts! Your Social Media Policies Questions Answered by Foresight

Each and every day, we use social media whether for business or personal needs. As owners and operators of funeral homes and cemeteries, what are the guidelines for implementing social media policies and can an employee be fired for the content they post? Our Director of Regulatory Compliance, Curtis Rostad provides his insights to this important question below. Question: Can an employee be fired for something posted on Facebook or other social media? Curtis Rostad: In an at-will state, an employee can be terminated for any reason that is not illegal. An employee could not be fired for instance, if they are directing their communication to other employees in an attempt to organize or unionize. An employee cannot be fired for a discriminatory reason. Some labor laws and whistleblower statutes protect workers who complain truthfully about unsafe work conditions, illegal […]
March 21, 2023

Ask the Analyst: How can I sell my business if interest rates are rising?

If you are planning to sell your funeral home or cemetery business, there are many factors to consider. One that is extremely important in 2023 is the rise of interest rates. Our M&A Analyst, Sierra Heil provides her insight on this vital question. Question: How can I sell my business if interest rates are rising? Sierra Heil: Over the past 20 years, the deathcare industry has undergone significant consolidation. Many industries have become more focused on convenience and value leading to the emergence of large national chains in an industry that at one time was entirely run by independent local providers. As the baby boomer population ages, many people live outside of the areas they were born or away from younger family members, and families often appreciate when firms offer a wide range of services and options for their loved ones. […]
January 26, 2023

Ask the Analyst: Selling Your Business in 2023

Is one of your goals for 2023 to sell your funeral home or cemetery business? While we are still in the first month of the year, there are various things you need to start now in order to make the transaction a success by the end of the year. Our Senior M&A Analyst, Jared Tanke is back to provide informative insights and the steps you need to take to get the transaction process started. Question: It is my business goal to sell our funeral home in 2023. What do I need to do now? Jared Tanke: To sell your funeral home in 2023, you should start by assessing the current market conditions and determining the value of your business. This is a service that Foresight recommends to all of our clients who are looking to sell, so you can have […]
January 23, 2023

Ask the Experts! Your question on “on call” employees answered by Foresight.

Have you wondered whether you need to pay employees while they are “on-call” for your funeral or cemetery business? This is a common question we have received when having this type of employee on your staff.  Curtis Rostad provides his insights to this important question below. Question: Do I have to pay my employees to be “on call?” Curtis Rostad: In thirty-four states* most employees, including licensed funeral directors, must be paid hourly with overtime for work over 40 hours per week. That makes the “on-call” question especially important. The Wage and Hour Division uses two principles in addressing this issue. The first is “engaged to wait.” The employee is not performing duties, but they are unable to use the time effectively for his or her own purpose. For instance, if they must remain in the building to answer the […]
December 20, 2022
The Foresight Companies Funeral Home And Cemetery Strategic Business Analysis Services 003

Ask The Analyst: The Importance of Gross Profit Margin

Have you ever wondered why your Gross Profit Margin has such importance when analyzing the strength and performance of your funeral or cemetery business? It is a question that we receive quite often when working with our clients. Our Financial Analyst, Taylor Weber provides informative insights on this important element of your business analysis. Question: Why is Gross Profit Margin important when Foresight performs their Strategic Performance Analysis for my business? Taylor Weber: The Gross Profit Margin is one of the most significant measures for determining your business’s profitability and financial performance. Gross Profit Margin is defined as “a metric that analysts utilize to measure financial health by calculating the amount of money left over from total sales (or revenue) after subtracting the cost of goods sold (COGS) that is sometimes expressed as a percentage of total sales/revenue.”  The general […]
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