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Pet Cremation and the Funeral Business:  A “Bone-A-Fide” Opportunity

Pet services can be a great addition to your funeral home offerings, but it must be well-thought out and planned.  There are various business models you can use to start a pet business. The most common pet option that funeral homes choose to offer is pet cremation services.

There are a multitude of considerations that must be made when beginning any new venture and pet cremation is no different. Our team at The Foresight Companies is well-versed in the financial, legal, operational, and marketing aspects of pet services and can help answer this driving question:

Why should you offer pet cremation?

 We want to help you examine and understand the vast opportunity for implementing pet cremation services in your business model.

Join us on December 10th at 1:00 PM EST to hear key insights on:

  1. The Impact of Cremation on Funeral Business
  2. New Competition in your Market
  3. A Unique Selling Proposition

We will talk about all of this and more! Register today for FREE. We look forward to seeing you all for this can’t miss event.


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