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OGR Regrets to Announce Your Passing. What to Do to Have Fewer People Crying at Your Funeral

You died. Everyone is sad. Why do some cry more at a funeral than others? How insecure is it for the family stakeholders? What is going to happen to the business? What will family members do for income? Will there be enough money? Who is going to do what and for whom?

Dan Isard and Jeff Harbeson will educate you on the anticipated and unanticipated consequences of a business owner’s death. More importantly, they will discuss ways your advanced planning can affect the stakeholders at all levels.

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How Will the 2018 Tax Law Changes Affect Your Funeral Home?

It’s a new year however a revision of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (“TC&JA”) was signed into law December 22 of 2017. How will these new laws affect your funeral business and how should you to be best positioned to take advantage of the changes? Listen in as The Foresight Companies team of experts, Dan Isard (MSFS), Mark McGaffin (CPA), Mandy Rohde (CPA), Stephanie Ramsey, and Jeff Harbeson discuss an overview of the changes.

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