Funeral Home and Cemetery Valuations

Valuations for a funeral home or cemetery

Valuations require a complex combination of skills and experience. The appraiser must know the business and the market. Two identical businesses in two different markets may result in very different valuation conclusions.

The Foresight Companies has performed more than 3,000 funeral home valuations and more than 1,000 cemetery valuations since being founded in 1987. We have performed them for various reasons including buying a business or selling a business. We have also performed our appraisal services for people creating buy-sell agreements and those planning to transfer a business to their children. We routinely provide our conclusions of value for clients each year because when you have so much of your worth tied up in one asset, it is critical to know what that asset is worth and if the value is changing each year.

Acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities in the cemetery and funeral service professions for more than four decades, our team has the knowledge to provide efficient business solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our track record demonstrates that we convert business analytics into business success. We can use the data from our valuation to advise our clients with both insight and foresight on strategies to improve their profitability, grow their business and ensure a brighter future.

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Our Valuation Methodology

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We produce a valuation of your company to establish your baseline value. We determine the factors that are driving the value of your business.

The value of your funeral home or cemetery must be determined with a view toward the intrinsic value of the assets, the value of its income stream and the fair market value of the equity in the marketplace. We value your business and its real estate (as applicable).

In our valuation process we demonstrate the following:

  • Value
  • Cash flow
  • Goodwill value
  • Ability to finance
  • Return on investment

The following factors are considered when arriving at our valuation completion:

  • The nature of the business and the history of the enterprise from its inception
  • The economic outlook in general and the condition and outlook of the specific industry in particular
  • The book value of the stock and the financial condition of the business
  • The earning capacity of the business
  • Dividends and dividend-paying capacity
  • Goodwill or other intangible value
  • Sales of the stock and the size of the block to be valued
  • The market price of stocks of businesses engaged in the same or a similar line of business having their stocks actively traded in a free and open market
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