Chris Cruger

November 28, 2023

Funeral Service at the Crossroads Part Three

Part 3 of 3 Written by Chris Cruger with Alice Adams Will you succeed in your profession’s new era? Then consider transitioning to transparency a matter of survival. Remember “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? That folktale may have been your first experience with the word “transparent.” As the story goes, the emperor was duped by a tailor, and the new clothes he had ordered were not as they should be. As he marched through the city, his subjects were afraid to tell the emperor that his clothing was transparent – clear, see-through – and that he was, in fact, totally naked! Transparency in business is similar (without the nudity). Transparent businesses publicly share information about their company – information traditionally kept private or revealed only in-house. Transparency today is essential. It is about being real and often carries different meanings from […]
October 25, 2023

Funeral Service at the Crossroads Part Two

Part 2 of 3 Written by Chris Cruger with Alice Adams Will you succeed in your profession’s new era? If so, the massive knowledge gap between consumers and funeral service needs immediate attention. At the end of a recent celebration of life for a popular teacher, high school tennis coach and longtime community volunteer, many commented to her husband on the unique experience. “I didn’t know you could have a catered meal at a funeral home.” “I loved the jazz trio during lunch.” “I wish I could have had a celebration like this for my mother.” “I’m really glad I came.” “I hope my kids do something like this for me when my time comes.” “Everything that happened today– from her favorite food to the music to the stories from former players, family members and friends, and the displays of […]
September 26, 2023

Funeral Service at the Crossroads

PART 1 OF 3 Written by Chris Cruger with Alice Adams Will you succeed in your profession’s new era? This is the first of a three-part series based on the results of The Foresight Companies’ Funeral & Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study, its annual public/professional funeral and cemetery survey conducted for the past four years. This article will focus on current perceptions and expectations of the consumer public and the gap occurring between these perceptions and those of funeral service and cemetery professionals. The second installment – education, education, education – will appear in the October issue of The Director and provide an extensive “how to” for educating your community. The final article in November will amplify the survey data on the importance of trust and transparency in the reality of consumer perceptions and needs in today’s marketplace. Modern eras are […]
August 28, 2023

Increase Your Post-COVID Pre-Need Sales

Written By Chris Cruger and Alice Adams The phrase “Post-COVID” has been so overused, it sounds more like an excuse than a time reference. However, reality tells us almost every aspect of American life changed between the onset of the pandemic and now. This article discusses pre-need sales, examining what’s changed since COVID and how you can elevate the success of your pre-need program. Consumer Attitudes Since COVID Beginning in mid-February 2023, The Foresight Companies launched its fourth annual survey, one for consumers (4,587 respondents) and a second for the deathcare industry (155). The results were recently compiled and analyzed, and we want to share our findings. Our consulting practice is data-driven, and our business analyses, property valuations, recommendations for change, and market evaluations are determined based on the 100 years of combined experience of our principals and supported by […]
June 27, 2023

The Fourth Generation

Breaking free from old-school beliefs will lift your firm and the profession. Written By Chris Cruger and Alice Adams We’ll begin with the question, “Why are all funeral homes not the same?” Don’t they all remove decedents from the place of death? Don’t they all use the same equipment for first calls? Don’t licensed funeral directors meet with the next of kin? Aren’t the options for services and final disposition the same? Stepping back in history, opening an undertaking parlor meant having a wagon and team of horses to carry the decedent to the churchyard or nearest burial ground. Some combined undertaking with owning or working in a hardware, furniture or general store that doubled as their casket or coffin suppliers. Then they waited for someone to die. When the second generation showed up on the scene, there were telephones […]
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