Nicole Vullo

April 28, 2022

Reach Your Customers and Thrive

To strengthen your business and be prepared for changing times, you must accept and embrace innovation. They say hindsight is 20/20, and while no one could have predicted the long-lasting impact the pandemic would have on our businesses, the truth is that most of these “new” marketing trends across the funeral and cemetery professions are actually not that new. Social media has been around. Google Ads were available as an advertising platform. Branding was always crucial, and having a functioning website was the norm. It’s just that, at the time, they were things we’d get around to implementing “eventually.” They were considered “nice to haves.” Now, when it’s vital to connect with client families in every way possible, these “new” trends have now become “need to haves.” I don’t want to bear bad news or be alarmist, but if you […]
January 26, 2022

2022: What’s Ahead for Funeral Service

Each year, American Funeral Director Magazine publishes a yearly forecast article where experts and innovators in the funeral and cemetery profession share their predictions for the year ahead. For 2022, they share their visions of the future of cremation, memorialization, technology, what a post-pandemic world looks like, and more. Chris Cruger had the honor this year to be part of this insightful article.  This article originally appeared in the January 2022 issue of American Funeral Director, published by Kates-Boylston Publications, and is being shared with permission. We have included his excerpt below.  You can also download the entire article Chris Cruger on his vision of 2022 I think we’re going to see quite a bit of the same in 2022 that we saw in 2021. Consumer attitudes and behaviors have changed so dramatically through COVID that it has completely shakin’ […]
November 23, 2021

Ask the Experts! Your Strategic Planning Question Answered by Foresight!

Preparation is key when it comes to your strategic business plan for the new year. We were recently asked what steps are needed to take right now to plan for a successful year. Chris Cruger provides his insights to this important question below. Question: What do I need to be doing in order to set my funeral home up for success in 2022? Chris Cruger: First, I would suggest to take a moment to be grateful. This has been a very long, hard past couple years. The profession has gained new levels of recognition in the media and society. The emergence of the profession as the “last responders” has propelled the profession to new heights. However, this recognition does not come without a price. Many are worn out, stressed and on their last nerve. As we look towards 2022, many […]
November 22, 2021

Mise en place a` la Deathcare Marketing

Customize Your Brand Recipe’s Ingredients for a Perfect Fit Mise en place is a French culinary phrase that means “everything in its place.” It refers to the setup required before cooking and is often used in professional kitchens to refer to organizing and arranging the ingredients. A mentor of mine once told me that “your brand is equal parts of your reputation and your visibility.” This is something that always has stuck with me throughout my career. Having a strong reputation and high visibility solidifies who you are and what you do. It is only after you have your vision that you can begin to craft the elements of your brand, such as your colors, a well-designed logo, business tagline, and appropriate imagery. While it is acceptable to be aware of your competitors, do not let that influence what you […]
November 9, 2021

The Foresight Companies Welcomes Nick Padlo

Chris Cruger and Doug Gober bring on industry professional to join their team. Phoenix, AZ—November 9, 2021 — “We are excited to announce that Nick Padlo has joined the Foresight Team. Nick is one of the best financial minds in the profession, as well as one of the finest people I have had the opportunity to know. The addition of Nick to our Business Analysis Team allows us to continue to deliver the highest level of quality service to our clients,” Chris Cruger, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of The Foresight Companies, recently said.  “Our goal was to find the very best person who embodied our passion for the profession and our clients. Nick’s experience in the funeral profession over the past seven years will prove incredibly valuable in providing solutions for our clients. We couldn’t be more excited […]
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