Nicole Vullo

May 29, 2023

Strategic Budgeting to Prepare for Cash Flow Seasonality

Written by Jarod Bernat, Senior M&A Analyst It’s well known that in our industry, there are slow and high-volume periods that vary with the seasons due to the ebbs and flows of mortality rates as the year progresses. The timing of these periods can vary from region to region, but generally, they are fairly predictable based on historical precedent – this is what we call “seasonality”. During the summer, the sun nourishes our bodies with more Vitamin D than the rest of the year improving our immune systems, we’re more active outdoors, and overall moods improve. These factors combine to lower mortality rates compared to the winter month when the cold and lack of sunlight negatively impacts our immunity and health. Based on The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, US death rates are about 25% higher in winter […]
April 19, 2023

Ask the Analyst: What does it look and feel like to sell my funeral home?

Have you considered selling your funeral business but didn’t know where to begin? We understand that the decision to sell can be overwhelming. We asked Jared Tanke to walk us through the process from start to finish. Question: What does it looks and feel like to sell my funeral home?  Jared Tanke: You may have had conversations with your fellow funeral home owner friends, and I am sure the topic of selling has come up. Maybe one of your friends has recounted his or her experience in selling, and you may have heard several buzzwords, including a “multiple” which is very common language when talking about a business acquisition. But what do these people actually go through? What does the process of selling your funeral home look and feel like? It is such a big life event, and there are […]
April 18, 2023

Go with the Flow

Bringing your marketing blueprint to life requires a solid plan but also the flexibility to try new things and change what doesn’t work. I recently finished a book in which the main character and I shared a few things in common. We both love football and we both use algorithms in our careers. Her algorithms were focused on using data to analyze and predict game strategies and mine are focused on crafting the appropriate elements for a marketing strategy. Now, if only I could also marry the star NFL quarterback like she did… But I digress. Every marketing and social media platform uses an algorithm, and whether you like it or not, you need to understand it to be successful in marketing your funeral home or cemetery business. The algorithms determine which content people see every time they check the […]
April 18, 2023

Ask the Experts! Your questions about merchandise displays answered by Foresight

One of the great debates in funeral service today is whether you should display your merchandise or offer a digital catalog for your client families to look at. We asked Doug Gober to provide insight and guidance on this important topic. Question: Should I display my casket, vault or urn merchandise in my funeral home or just have a digital catalog? Doug Gober: The key elements to this question are information and control. Ask yourself the following: how does the consumer access information? For today’s consumer, it is mostly online. However, is that the best methodology for a consumer to purchase an unfamiliar product combined with an unfriendly state of mind? Most product purchases made today that are infrequent, higher priced purchases that are not routine are usually done in a positive state of mind. As funeral home owners and […]
March 22, 2023

Ask the Experts! Your Social Media Policies Questions Answered by Foresight

Each and every day, we use social media whether for business or personal needs. As owners and operators of funeral homes and cemeteries, what are the guidelines for implementing social media policies and can an employee be fired for the content they post? Our Director of Regulatory Compliance, Curtis Rostad provides his insights to this important question below. Question: Can an employee be fired for something posted on Facebook or other social media? Curtis Rostad: In an at-will state, an employee can be terminated for any reason that is not illegal. An employee could not be fired for instance, if they are directing their communication to other employees in an attempt to organize or unionize. An employee cannot be fired for a discriminatory reason. Some labor laws and whistleblower statutes protect workers who complain truthfully about unsafe work conditions, illegal […]
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