Nicole Vullo

May 10, 2021
The Foresight Companies Blog Press Release

Pandemic Has Changed the Way Americans Mourn

New experiences, technologies, and changing expectations have even the oldest Americans embracing non-traditional ways of mourning Phoenix, Arizona – May 10, 2021 – As a result of the global pandemic, consumers have experienced new ways of mourning the loss of their friends and family, and that has permanently changed the way they mourn, this according to The Foresight Companies 2021 Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study. Nearly 1/3 (32%) of survey respondents say their attitudes have changed as a result of new experiences, including using new technologies and adopting non-traditional approaches to celebration. The global pandemic has necessitated adoption of new technologies and behaviors to the highly traditional funeral and cemetery business, and the FCCBS survey, now in its second year, continues to show that consumers are re-examining even the most fundamental ways consumers mourn. This includes even those groups […]
April 21, 2021

Build Your Brand

Key elements for creating a successful brand for your business, one that remains true to your core values and purpose. For more than two decades, social media has given many people the ability to market themselves to the world. What started as platforms only for celebrities and athletes quickly morphed into a way for businesses, regardless of size or industry, and your average joes to have their voices or their “brand” heard in an expanded capacity. 2020 was the year, more than any other, that thrust social media and digital technology to the forefront and integrated it into almost every aspect of our daily lives. Phrases like “You’re muted” and “I’m going to share my screen; can everyone see it?” have become commonplace. For me, the increase in usage of and reliance on social media is both a blessing and […]
March 22, 2021

Ask the Experts! Your questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine Answered by Foresight!

We were recently asked about what policies employers can put in place regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Stephanie Ramsey, Director of Business Analysis provides some insights on this topic. Question: Can we require employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? Stephanie Ramsey: There are many people who are divided on whether to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  The first question that employers must address is, “Can we require employees to get vaccinated?”  The answer to this question varies based on the business you are in generally but is quite simple for funeral businesses.  Yes, you can require that employees get vaccinated. The reality is that employers in the funeral industry have a strong justification for this requirement.  Their employees are at high risk due to the nature of their jobs.  What is meant by the term “high risk?”  Funeral employees are at greater […]
March 18, 2021

This Just In! SBA Defers Repayment to 2022

The Small Business Administration has decided to push back the deferment period for disaster loans, including the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, until 2022. The SBA said that all disaster loans made in 2020, including the EIDL program, will have a first payment due date extended from 12 months to 24 months from the date of the note. It is important to note that all SBA disaster loans made in 2021, including EIDL loans, will have a first payment due date increased from 12 months to 18 months from the date of the note. Any current SBA disaster loans in regular servicing status as of March 1, 2020, will now have the additional 12-month deferment of principal and interest payments. They will resume their regular payment schedule on March 31, 2022, unless a borrower chooses to make payments […]
February 21, 2021

Ask the Experts! Financing Questions Answered by The Foresight Companies

Business Financing Services is one of our service areas that we are always asked for insight and guidance on. For this month’s column, we answer a very common question related to succession planning and financing. Continue reading below as Doug Gober, Partner provides some insights. Question: I am ready to sell my business to my son. How can he  secure the financing necessary to buy my business? Doug Gober: Many potential business owners who need to transition their businesses are convinced that either their children or key person can’t secure the financing necessary to transition the business to them. With the sellers help and understanding of the process, the lending is available for the next generation of independent business owners. On a regular basis, we are assisting in securing financing which allows for independent funeral service to continue. The idea that […]
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