Nicole Vullo

June 27, 2022

Have FUN with Your Marketing

Get Cohesive, Get Practical, Get Going! Generally speaking, when someone tells you to “have fun,” one cannot help but wonder if that is a genuine expression or some type of passive-aggressive warning. Think of when a woman says it to her boyfriend or spouse when he wants to have a “guy’s night” or a day of golf with his buddies. Yes, ladies, we have all been there! But I am here to tell you wholeheartedly that when it comes to marketing your funeral home or cemetery business, I want you to have F.U.N.— Functional, Unique, and Neat marketing elements. F for Functional Marketing Every business, regardless of its industry and vertical, needs a cohesive marketing strategy to engage with its audience enough so that they will buy the product or services offered. This is where functional marketing comes into play. […]
June 26, 2022

Ask the Experts! Your Succession Planning Question Answered by The Foresight Team!

Planning for the succession of your funeral home or cemetery business is one of the hottest topics within our profession. It is a process that takes time and dedication to complete. We were recently asked about the process and if it is something that requires a business consultant. John T. McQueen, CFSP uses his own experience to provide insight on this important question. Question: Do I need a business consultant to help with my succession plan? John T. McQueen, CFSP: At a point in your career, you will find yourself in a unique position, caught between sense of duty and sense of family. You have spent a lifetime serving others and building or continuing your family’s legacy in funeral service. It has been a tiresome job at times, yet it has also been the most rewarding when the family hugs […]
May 31, 2022

Ask the Experts! Your Marketing Question Answered by Foresight!

Have you wondered what is the most important elements of your funeral business marketing plan? Google, Social Media, and your website are some of the elements that come to mind. Continue reading below as I provide my insights to this important question below. Question: Part of my 2022 goals for my business is to improve on the marketing activities of our funeral home. What is one thing we should work on first to improve our marketing plans? Nicole Vullo: To me, there is not better time to improve on your marketing efforts than this very moment. In our 2022 Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study, one of the finding we discovered is that consumers are relying heavily on your website to make their decisions as to whether to use your business for their needs. In fact, 70% of consumers want […]
May 31, 2022

Meet the Needs of the Consumer to Ensure Business Success

2022 Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study Insights Summary DOWNLOAD NOW In what was undeniably the most transformative time in generations, The Foresight Companies conducted annual consumer studies to connect data behind the speculative trends about how COVID-19 will impact the funeral and cemetery profession, both in the short-term and the long-term. With these new trends becoming permanent, how do we embrace and implement these changes that are vital to your future business success. We encourage you to download our Insights Summary on the results of our 2022 Funeral & Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study. It highlights the evolving consumer attitudes towards the funeral and cemetery market and the ways operators need to adapt. The future of funeral service is here, and we must pivot our business model to answer the needs and demands of the consumer.
April 28, 2022

Ask the Experts! Your HR Question Answered by Foresight!

Have you ever been asked to provide information on your former employees? This is a common occurrence and can be complicated depending on what is being asked.  Curtis Rostad provides his insights to this important question below. Question: I had a firm call me asking for information on a former employee who had applied for a job with them. I didn’t know what I could tell them. I have been told only to confirm that they used to work for us and their dates of employment. What is the law? Curtis Rostad: There is no federal employment law restricting what you can say about a former employee. The advice to disclose only employment dates comes from (overly) cautious attorneys that fear you might be sued by the former employee for defamation over what you might say. But you are not […]
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