April 11, 2016

How can you sell every mausoleum crypt, even the ones on the less popular levels? – ICCFA Magazine – March/April 2016

All men might be created equal, but all mausoleum crypts are not. Any cemeterian who has a mausoleum knows that crypts on certain rows are more popular with families than others. But you need to sell them all. Here’s how to do it. CI April 2016
March 8, 2016

Wrestling with Receivables – Finance 101

Are you wrestling with receivables?  In the March column of Finance 101, Dan responds to Alice, in Wonderland, about the paths that lead to no receivables, fewer bad debts and creating a payment policy.
March 3, 2016

HR Reality Check …Yep, the stories are true!

HR Reality Check Case Study #1.  In the March issue of American Funeral Director, Stephanie Ramsey answers questions about the Form I-9. What are the rules and what happens when a mistake is made? Read Stephanie Ramsey’s article to find out the resolution and preventive measures you need to take.
February 8, 2016

How to Deal With Cost-cutting Competition – Finance 101 – January 2016

Dan Isard is fortunate to be a student exposed to the history of funeral service, and acknowledges that there has been price-focused advertising since time immemorial.  However, price is not a factor when dealing with an expert or the most professional provider in any business. You don’t negotiate the fee of an anesthesiologist in the hospital!  Read the January Finance 101 column for Dan’s advice on defeating your competitor’s price focused advertising campaign. Finance 101 January 2016  
February 4, 2016

Finance 101 – Of Buyers and Sellers

There are myriad things you need to investigate before buying a business, even from a family member.  Dan explains in his latest Finance 101 column how to make sure you are prepared.
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