Thought Leadership

September 3, 2014

Do You Hear the Consumer’s Voice?

People talk. They talk about you, they talk about your business. They talk loudly and they talk quietly. Are you hearing them? The odds say you’re not. Maybe you don’t want to hear them. Maybe you don’t want to know what they’re thinking about you and your business. Maybe you want to live your life isolated from reality. Click to read more Do you Hear the Consumer’s Voice -September Director  
August 29, 2014


Do the words “debits” and “credits” sound like a foreign language to you?  How do you know which account to debit and which to credit to increase or decrease their balance? Read this months Accounting newsletter to find out more. Accounting Newsletter September 2014
August 21, 2014


In case you haven’t opened your eyes in the past 30 years, the funeral business has changed. It has changed from a business model based on merchandise to a business model based on service. Click here to read more  Not Your Father’s Casket August 2014 AFD
August 1, 2014

Re-Engineering Your Overhead Ratios: The Conclusion

As a reminder to readers, last month I promised that in the August column I would be writing in rhyme à la Dr. Seuss since I live my life following the basic storyline of the creation of this man (by the way, my favorite is If I Ran the Zoo). So, we are going Seussical! I’ll call this column Horatio Sees Ratio. Horatio sees a ratio. He sees ratios high and low. But before reading my last two columns, Horatio didn’t know a ratio from radicchio. Click here to read more Re-engineering Your Overhead Ratios – The Conclusion-August 2014- Finance 101-The Director
July 31, 2014

Salary or Draw? How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner

Congratulations! Your small business has finally become profitable and now you can afford to pay yourself. You may have worked for free in the early days and now it’s time to pay  yourself for your efforts. Accounting Newsletter August 2014
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