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February 26, 2020
Funeral And Cemetery Consultants Dan Isard Finance 101 The Online Marketing And Service World

Step 3: The Online Marketing and Service World

Six marketing dimensions to implement now. Last month, I provided to readers the vision to understand key points of marketing and advertising and made reference to some matters the online world addresses. Normally, for an article dealing with technical points, I would do it slowly, giving some basics and then moving to more complicated matters. Unfortunately, we do not have time to go slowly! So, let’s deep-dive into the topic, and keep your eyes open. Following are six key points to implement now or you will miss the proverbial boat. Remember, your competitor is reading this column, too! The funeral service online world is used for communication, marketing, education and service. Have Your Own Website  There are some 19,000 funeral homes in the country, some 14,000 of which are privately owned. I would estimate that about 10,000 of those privately […]
February 20, 2020
Funeral And Cemetery Consultants Dan Isard Finance 101 Marketing With Roi

Step 2: Marketing With ROI

If you look at marketing and advertising as expenses, you won’t expect a return on your investment and therefore won’t get one. Promoting your services to families has never been more critical. Marketing is the word we use to talk about the subject, but we must understand its definition to confirm that what we do will have the desired outcome. The definition I like to use is, “the act a business takes to promote its services and merchandise.” By deconstructing this definition, we can make sure we’re doing the best job of marketing the business. Many think advertising and marketing are the same. They are not. Marketing is a larger process that includes advertising. Marketing is global communication about your services and products. It includes but is not limited to public relations, publishing, and promoting related third parties and services […]
January 2, 2020
Funeral And Cemetery Consultants Dan Isard Pricing

Step 1: Pricing – Facilitating Your Vision

Twelve months, 12 steps to business success in 2020. This month: no-fear pricing. This is the year of implementing your 2020 vision plan in your business, and using the year 2020 as a metaphor for 20-20 eyesight is perfect. Like your eyesight, while we are aiming toward the most successful outcomes, we understand there may need to be some corrections along the way. As well as urging you in these columns to do everything in your power to facilitate your vision, I will be offering something different as well – a monthly video blog memorializing the written columns. I understand that some people learn by reading, some by doing and others by hearing/seeing. Visit theforesight to view the monthly blogs, and I hope they will give you added insight. Sometimes doing the right thing is more about the courage […]
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