Ask the Owner

October 26, 2023

Ask the Owners: The Changing Funeral and Cemetery Profession

In our next installment of Ask the Owners, Stephen and Diann Anderson, formerly of Anderson Funeral & Cremation Services discuss the changes taking place within the funeral and cemetery profession and provide firsthand insights on how to adapt and evolve to meet these changes: Dear Friends, It’s been a month since we last connected, and we’ve been on a reflective journey. We’ve found ourselves pondering the true impact of the Funeral Profession not just for those who have chosen the calling to own a funeral home or to be a Funeral Director, but also for the families and communities we serve. We’ve asked ourselves a question that might resonate with you: Have you ever felt like your “Give a Damn” spirit has broken?  If so, let’s embark on a transformative journey together, one that will help us better serve those […]
September 28, 2023

Introducing Our New Ask the Owners Column

The Foresight team is excited to announce that we are introducing a new blog column! When we first started our Ask the Experts and Ask the Analysts columns it was our goal to use these blogs to answer the most important questions funeral and cemetery professionals had about their businesses. With this is mind, we wanted to bring a new perspective to these vital questions: the viewpoint of owners and operators. We are honored to introduce you to Stephen and Diann Anderson, formerly of Anderson Funeral & Cremation Services. Each month Stephen and Diann will provide insightful information to help you improve how to operate your businesses. To start our column, please allow us to introduce you to Stephen and Diann as they tell us their goals for the “Ask the Owner” blog column: To the Funeral and Cemetery Profession, […]
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