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July 14, 2017

HR Reality Check: HR Case Study #6

  Scenario: ABC Funeral Home, owned by Jim and Jane Smith, is a funeral home considered to be the market leader in a Midwestern town with a population of approximately 300,000. Part of its approach to maintaining market share is its high quality of family services fostered primarily through its experienced and qualified staff. ABC Funeral Home pays its employees well and offers competitive benefits. They live in a state that recognizes at-will employment. Finding quality employees is  challenging for everyone in the area. Recently, one of ABC Funeral Home’s senior funeral directors gave notice indicating that he would be joining another firm in the area. His resignation indicated that he would stay with the firm another 30 days. Jim accepted his resignation, but he was concerned about his senior employee stealing confidential and proprietary information, so he told the […]
April 20, 2017

HR Reality Check: Yep, the Stories are True! HR Case Study #5

HR Reality Check: Yep, the Stories are True! By Stephanie Ramsey HR Case Study #5 Scenario: Millennial Funeral Services, owned by Mark and Margaret Millennial, is a funeral business in a Midwestern state that recognizes at-will employment. Including the two owners, they have 15 employees. While neither of Mark and Margaret’s children is active in the business, they do have a quality key employee, John James. In fact, they have spoken to John about how the business could potentially transfer to him when Mark and Margaret are ready to retire in about 10 years. About two years ago, John began dating a woman and they were married within six months. Mark and Margaret were happy for John and still interested in selling him the business. However, last year they hit a snag in their plans. It started simply with John […]
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