Stephanie Ramsey

May 8, 2020

HR Reality Check: Case Study #17

Scenario:  Delmond Funeral & Cremation Services is a multi-location business owned by Ken and Stacy Delmond. The business employs more than 20 employees between its various locations. The funeral directors move freely between the various locations as needed, and are licensed to sell preneed on behalf of the business. Recently, while preparing for a family that was coming in to arrange for an imminent death, Stacy pulled the preneed contract that was written a few years ago by one of their funeral directors, Darrin Rodgers. Stacy realized that she did not recognize the insurance company named on the contract as the policy provider. She then began researching their records and discovered that there was no indication that the business had ever had a relationship with the insurance company. Further, the funeral business had never received commissions for selling preneed insurance […]
November 22, 2019

HR Reality Check: Yep, the stories are true!

HR Case Study #16 Scenario:   Rossi Funeral Service is a single location business owned by Adrian Rossi serving 250 families a year.  The business employs more than twenty-five full-time and part-time employees.  Currently, they have several full-time licensed funeral directors who are all male and one female apprentice, Janice.  Adrian is very pleased with Janice and sings her praises.  Recently a post was made on social media that was ultimately identified as belonging to Janice.  Although Janice did not identify who she worked for, she provided many details about her work situation.  While she claimed she was working her dream job, she complained that she was paid a low hourly wage.  Further, she stated that she was required to work most of the removals both day and night, meet with families, and handle family services more than the licensed funeral […]
July 24, 2019

Conflict Resolution

By Stephanie Ramsey; The Foresight Companies, LLC Many people believe that the funeral business work environment is something like the classic TV show The Brady Bunch. A mixed family that all got along and worked together in perfect harmony. Instead the reality is much more like the current show Modern Family— lots of sniping, gossiping, and taking sides with one group or another. While the daily work is ultimately accomplished, some employees may not be talking to each other and the atmosphere around the office is often frigid. Does this sound familiar? While the public may see a united team, behind the curtain there may be tension, frustration, and chaos that is on the verge of erupting at any moment. Managing funeral employees can be challenging on many different levels. One of the most difficult issues is addressing employee conflict. […]
April 19, 2019

5 Generations in the workplace

There is much talk through all US industries about the difficulties encountered in employing Millennials and Generation Z’s. It is perceived that they have a much different approach to the work environment than Generation X’s and Baby Boomers. Some businesses tend to attract and hire within just a couple generations. For example, Facebook and Google are well known for their trendsetting work environments and are highly attractive to the Millennial crowd. Funeral service is challenged on how to integrate the new generations into a historically based business model. The reality is that funeral businesses always had and likely always will have multiple generations within the business working toward the common goal of serving the families in their communities. For funeral businesses today, the question is how to create an effective work environment that is hospitable to multiple generations so they […]
March 11, 2019

HR Reality Check

Scenario: Jackson-Smith Funeral Service, owned by Bill Smith Jr., is a three-location funeral business in the Midwest. Between the three locations, the business serves more than 350 families per year. Currently the business has five licensed funeral directors, three licensed embalmers and several funeral assistants, some of which are part-timers. All full-time employees are paid by salary and part-time employees are paid hourly.  Rather than using a third-party service to perform removal services and embalming after normal work hours, JSFS has created a schedule for its own staff to cover this need. A schedule is posted each month for the employees to follow. Employees are paid each time they perform a removal or embalming after hours regardless of their full-time or part-time status. This is $25 per event (it is anticipated that a removal and an embalming take approximately two […]
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