Nicole Vullo

December 11, 2020

Pet Cremation and the Funeral Business: A “Bone-A-Fide” Opportunity is Now Available to Watch On-Demand

Pet services can be a great addition to your funeral home offerings, but it must be well-thought out and planned.  There are various business models you can use to start a pet business. The most common pet option that funeral homes choose to offer is pet cremation services. There are a multitude of considerations that must be made when beginning any new venture and pet cremation is no different. Our team at The Foresight Companies is well-versed in the financial, legal, operational, and marketing aspects of pet services and can help answer this driving question: Why should you offer pet cremation? We want to help you examine and understand the vast opportunity for implementing pet cremation services in your business model. Watch our webinar on-demand to hear key insights on: The Impact of Cremation on Funeral Business New Competition in […]
November 23, 2020

Ask the Experts! Additional questions on pricing answered by Foresight!

One topic we continue to be asked for insight and guidance on is Pricing. For this month’s column, we combined all of the most popular pricing questions into one comprehensive article. Continue reading below as Doug Gober, Partner provides information on setting prices, when an how often should we change prices, and more! Question: How should I set my prices? Doug Gober: Historically, Funeral Directors were notorious for comparing their prices to their competitor’s prices or they would take their best guess at what they are worth. Legitimately a firm should evaluate what it costs them to operate their entity. Every enterprise has different cost structures to operate One firm may be paying off debt while the other has been paid off for 20 years. Just that one item alone could alter how retail prices should be set for each […]
November 10, 2020

The Foresight Companies Announces Mark Kwosek as Director of Accounting

Dan Isard, Doug Gober, and Chris Cruger bring on accomplished Accountant to head up their Accounting Services Division. Phoenix, AZ—November 10, 2020 — “After conducting an extensive nationwide search we are pleased to announce we have hired Mark Kwosek as our Director of Accounting”, said Dan Isard Managing Partner of The Foresight Companies.” Mark brings a solid background and depth of experience, providing top level supervision of accounting services and team leadership.” Isard added. Chris Cruger, Chief Operating Officer and partner stated, “Our goal was to identify someone who has the skills and aligned with our vision to bring institutional excellence to our accounting services. We have faith that Mark can accomplish that.” As Director of Accounting Mark will supervise our rapidly growing business segment that provides accounting for the funeral and cemetery professions.  He will also oversee the internal […]
October 25, 2020

Ask the Experts! Your questions on financing answered by Foresight!

One service area that we are always asked for insight and guidance on is our Business Financing Services. For this month’s column, we combined all of the most popular financing questions into one comprehensive article. Continue reading below as Doug Gober, Partner provides some insights on SBA financing, debt refinancing, borrowing limits, and more.  Question: Why would I want to get SBA financing instead of going to my local bank? Doug Gober: Since its inception, SBA lending has become very popular because it opens the door to a larger base of entrepreneurs transitioning into businesses. It does so by reducing the amount of initial investment required and extending the terms on of the loan. Unless you have significant investment dollars available, it is difficult for quality, skilled people to become a business owner using conventional lending. Conventional commercial lending effectively […]
October 22, 2020

It is official, Lenders are submitting decisions on PPP Forgiveness Applications

Recently, a Foresight client reached out to our team with wonderful news to share. Their lender had completed the review of their PPP Forgiveness application and approved their amount in FULL! We knew that the Small Business Administration officially opened their Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness portal to lenders back in August.  And of the millions of loans approved under the program, the SBA had only received thousands of forgiveness decisions from lenders. Ultimately, the PPP loan forgiveness process is a lengthy one. It requires the small business to complete the application and submit it to the lender. The lender then has 60 days to give its decision. That decision is then relayed to the SBA, who then has 90 days to process and finalize the application and reimburse the bank for the loan. There is also the possibility of […]
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