John McQueen

November 23, 2020

What is for Dinner?

Hopefully, it is not your own client base at a discounted price. One of the biggest trends in funeral service for the past 20 years or so has been the creation of “discounted” funeral operations.  Some of these operations have been created as start-ups by entrepreneurs looking to find their place in funeral service.  Many have been started by existing “traditional” brands that either recognized a need in their market, or often, felt pressure from other low-cost operations that were eroding their customer base.  Yet, the most dangerous of the group are those that jumped onto the bandwagon of opening low-cost funerals because they heard a presentation at a convention or knew a colleague who did so and therefore felt they needed to do so.   Low-Cost operations play a significant role in the world of funeral service nowadays, but entering […]
November 23, 2020

Are You Prepared for Your Future?

Develop a firm plan of action that increases financial stamina and improves customer experience. Preparation requires planning. We plan for all sorts of events that may never impact us: fire, theft, accident, natural disaster. We plan for the birth of a child, birthdays, graduations and weddings. We even plan for the inevitable – our demise! So, if we plan for so many other things, how come so many of us do not plan for the success of our business? Is it too time consuming? Perhaps. Are we simply complacent? Probably. Is it even necessary? Most definitely! Defining one’s strategy, identifying needs, allocating resources, setting priorities to reach certain benchmarks and instituting control mechanisms to identify potential pitfalls are all part of the strategic planning process. There should be short- and long-term plans in place for your business – for its […]
October 25, 2020

An Extra Olive

The olive is an ancient symbol meaning ‘let us make peace’.  It is also that tasty treat found in your favorite martini.  Relationships can be much like a martini – simple and clean or downright dirty.  But the best martinis come with an extra olive – preferably stuffed with goodness.  The same is true of our relationships with our local hospices. For some in funeral service, the word hospice invokes negative thoughts fostered by an adversarial role between the two businesses.  Yes, hospice, just like your funeral home, is in business.  Like any business, hospice’s primary role is to promote their business, not yours.  Sometimes, hospice, like many businesses in their quest for growth, overreach into areas that place them either in direct competition or at a minimum in an adversarial position.  Examples may include trying to open a funeral […]
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