Catherine Belliveau Director of Administration

Catherine Belliveau

Director of Administration

Catherine Belliveau is responsible for managing the Foresight office and ensuring that the team has the tools they need to provide our clients with customized financial and operational solutions. As Director of Administration, she engages in all aspects of the business, overseeing the daily operations, finances, technology, HR processes and workflow interactions between teams.

After completing a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Connecticut, she spent much of her career working in the insurance industry focusing on developing retirement investment products before joining The Foresight Companies in 2014.

Over ten years ago, Catherine, left New England and uprooted her family to the Wild West. When not at the office Catherine enjoys hiking the desert trails, biking, playing golf and outdoor dining. In addition to spending time with her grown children, her passions include perusing farmers markets and bookstores, attending live theater and exploring museums.

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