Catherine Belliveau Director of Administration

Catherine Belliveau

Director of Administration

Over ten years ago, Catherine Belliveau, a native Bostonian, left her quaint New England Village home and uprooted her family to the Wild West. She quickly fell in love with the topography of Arizona as well as the desert sunsets.

After completing a BS degree in Business with a focus in Finance she worked as a Retirement Asset Analyst at CIGNA. For the next 10+ years she focused on developing retirement investment products including, separate accounts, mutual funds, and variable annuity/life products for leading insurance companies. In 2000 Catherine left the corporate world to focus on raising her two daughters but continued to work as office manager and marketing assistant for a local financial planner.

In 2012 Catherine returned to the full-time working world as the Office Manager/Bookkeeper for a residential real estate development company. Shortly thereafter she met Dan Isard and in January 2014 she joined his business and they combined households as well. Their combined family includes three daughters and a son.

Catherine is responsible for operating the Foresight office and ensuring that the team has the tools they need to be successful. As Director of Administration she is involved in all aspects of the business overseeing the daily operations, assisting with HR and workflows between departments.

When not at the office Catherine enjoys the amazing Phoenix weather playing golf, running, and hiking the trails behind her home and in Sedona. In addition, she likes to spend time scuba diving, exploring museums and foreign countries.

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