Stephanie Ramsey Director of Business Analysis

Stephanie Ramsey

Director of Business Analysis

Stephanie Ramsey decided to brave tornadoes when she graduated from a high school in Nevada to attend Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. After completing a BS degree in Business with a specialty in International Management and a minor in economics, Stephanie was drawn to Arizona to attend The American Graduate School of International Business.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in International Management in 1988, she began working at Capital Analyst, Inc. where she met Dan Isard. Within a year Stephanie began working with Foresight Analyst focused on HR issues including designing employee handbooks and writing blood borne pathogens policies for the Foresight clients. By December of 1990, Stephanie was a full-time Customer Service Representative doing M & A, valuations, business succession planning and business consulting in addition to the HR work.

In late 2002, Stephanie decided to step out from under Dan’s wing to learn a new industry, Native American Gaming. For 12 years, she worked for various tribes either as an employee or as a consultant performing financial analysis, business management consulting and leadership, auditing and many other roles. She has served as the Tribal Administrator for an Oklahoma tribe managing a staff of over 200 employees.

In the summer of 2014, Stephanie returned to her business management consulting roots by rejoining The Foresight Companies. As Director of Business Analysis, she interprets the needs of a client by studying and evaluating the financial and operating data of their company as well as handling HR challenges faced by our clients. She is a frequent speaker at national and state industry conventions and writes on HR issues for many of the funeral industry magazines. Currently she is working from Oklahoma.

Stephanie has a husband who she met at Oklahoma State University, a son who recently graduated from Oklahoma State and a daughter who is attending The University of Arkansas. She has a passion for horseback riding, hiking and reading.

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