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October 5, 2016

How to Increase your Niche and Inurnment Sales – ICCFA Magazine October 2016

Selling memorialization to cremation families involves not only implementing a “good, better, best” pricing strategy but also learning how to reach people who, unlike traditional burial families, do not automatically choose final disposition as part of the process. How to increase yourniche and inurnment sales If you have not updated your cemetery master plan in the last 10 years, you are making a grave mistake (pun intended). The cemetery of the 19th century was a simple land-use master plan. You had an acre of land with between 1,000 and 1,200 graves. Each grave equaled one interment. However the master plan of today should focus on inurnment rather than interment. If you want to increase your number of urn placements you have to change your master plan. We have learned so much about the mind of the cremation-choosing consumer in the […]
September 1, 2016

Crowdfunding Caveat Emptor – Finance 101 – September 2016

Dear Dan, I have an iPhone, an iPad and a Facebook page for my funeral home and myself. I’ve even read a tweet or two. Today, however, I’m feeling old and out of touch. I am in service to a family that asked me to set up a crowdfunding account. They said this fund will pay all of the funeral expenses. The death was of a teen, so they asked that I cash-advance the cemetery. They bought a nice casket and vault, but I have no idea what I am doing with crowdfunding. Signed, I Am Definitely Not Hep Dear Definitely Not Hep, Let’s start with an explanation of crowdfunding. Then, if you decide to move forward with this fundraising arrangement, I will move for your commitment and the removal of all power to make independent financial decisions. Crowdfunding is […]
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