Funeral Home and Cemetery Strategic Performance Analysis

Funeral Home and Cemetery Strategic Performance Analysis

How do you monitor the results of your funeral home or cemetery? The Foresight Companies’ Strategic Performance Analysis is our time-tested tool for confirming our clients are on track for success. Our analysis is like an annual check-up with your doctor. Each quarter we provide a thorough physical for your business. Foresight’s analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your funeral home or cemetery. Based on our findings, we recommend strategies to secure the financial strength of your enterprise.

Our Strategic Performance Analysis provides our clients with timely information and consultation to make confident business decisions. We create a proactive plan with our clients that includes more than 90 Key Performance Indicators.

We advise our clients with both insight and foresight on strategies to improve their profitability, grow their business and ensure a brighter future.

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Strategic Performance Analysis Services

Annual Services

  • Budget: We review the historical operation of your business and partner with you to anticipate your future. We prepare a budget of anticipated Revenue, Cost of Goods and Overhead. We monitor your performance throughout the year against your budget.
  • Pricing Review: We review your current GPL and make comprehensive pricing recommendations for your business. This review includes a proposed pricing recommendation for merchandise mark-up and service fee. We make package pricing recommendations when appropriate. We work with you to produce a GPL that is accurate and attractive for consumers.
  • Valuations: We produce a valuation of your company to establish your benchmark. We determine the factors that are driving the value of your business.

Quarterly Services

Our quarterly review identifies where you stand relative to budget and the necessary actions required to keep you on the right track. We discuss your results and options. The report can include analysis by location, on a consolidated basis or both. Our report will provide over 90 data points including but not limited to:

  • Revenue Per Call measurements
  • Payroll analysis including employee and owner compensation breakdown
  • COGS and Merchandising analysis
  • Balance Sheet criteria including Cash, Receivables, Debt management
  • Preneed examination
  • Comparisons including regional, like kind business and national averages
  • Profit distributions measured several different ways
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Our Analysis will determine if your business is performing at targeted rates to attain your strategic and financial goals. Contact us and let’s discuss your Strategic Performance Analysis Plan.

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    “Partnering with Foresight and their strategic performance analysis service gives me the functionality and brain trust to have in-house as a small family-owned business. It’s what gives us the edge to be competitive in the ever-evolving funeral landscape.”

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