Customer Engagement Program

Consumer Insights for Funeral Homes and Cemeteries

How do you measure your level of customer satisfaction with your clients? The Foresight Companies has expanded its industry-leading consultancy by offering the latest in online research and reporting fueled by its partnership with SOCAL Approach. This robust tool will provide you with informative data and insights to help you better understand the shopping and sales process, stay informed about your competitive landscape, and drive incremental sales into your organization. Having these data points at your fingertips will allow for you to make the best decisions to position your business to thrive in this ever-changing environment.

Why Choose Foresight and SOCAL for Your Customer Engagement Program?

Our Value Proposition

Our Customer Engagement Program can be defined with three words: Fast, Simple, Lead-Generating:

  • Fast: Online survey delivers daily data to address problems and opportunities quickly and efficiently
  • Simple: Easy-to-use analytical tools identify problems quickly at the national, regional and location levels
  • Lead-Generating: Calls-to-action surface top issues and highlight incremental revenue opportunities
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What Sets Our Program Apart?

We pride ourselves on delivering the profession with a tool that is comprehensive, scalable, comparable, and cost effective:

  • Comprehensive: Survey participants and attendees for comprehensive opinions, with custom question options
  • Scalable: Easy to add and remove locations, employees, and customize access levels
  • Comparable: Industry360 nationwide norms give you context on how you compare against competitors
  • Cost Effective: After initial setup, low monthly cost per location, regardless of the size of your operation

Engage with Customers at Each Buying Cycle

The Foresight Customer Engagement Program powered by SOCAL Approach allows you to actively engage with three vital audiences that are crucial to the success of your business: At-Need Buyers, Pre-Need Buyers, and the buyers you may have lost:

At-Need Buyers

  • Survey of at-need participants
  • Include friends and family attendees for a comprehensive assessment
  • Generate leads via pre-need hand-raisers
  • Drive reviews from positive experiences

Pre-Need Buyers

  • Survey of pre-need buyers
  • Better understand buyer needs
  • Improve the sales process for future families
  • Identify potential concerns to intercept unhappy customers

Buyer Recovery

  • Survey of consumers who declined to buy
  • Understand where and why consumers fell out of the funnel
  • Unearth issues within the sales process
  • Surface business recovery opportunities

Polaris Insight Reporting
Actionable Online Business Intelligence

Once all the data has been collected from your survey participants, it will be compiled and loaded into an easy to use and detailed dashboard to allow for you to digest and understand the survey findings.

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Executive Reporting

  • Online reporting tool is designed to be easy to use and interpret insights
  • Technology powered by Microsoft BI, delivering reliability and dependability
  • Executive View dashboard puts your most important KPIs at your fingertips
  • Proprietary Industry360 data compares your ratings to industry norms
  • Detail for both funeral and cemetery staff
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Operational Insight

  • Deeper insights help root out operational improvement and training opportunities
  • View insights at the National, Regional, and Location level
  • Hierarchy is easily updated as you add or shed locations
  • Standardized reporting reflects your organizational structure
  • Client-customized permissions define access to levels of visibility
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Lead Generation and Risk Mitigation

  • Specific calls-to-action highlight incremental revenue opportunities
  • Identify hand-raisers ready for pre-planning
  • Flag customers at risk for negative word of mouth

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