Funeral Home Accounts Receivables Management

Funeral Home Accounts Receivable Management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. With over $330 million of accounts receivable in the funeral business alone, many funeral homes struggle with getting paid in a timely manner. Implementation of payment policies and processes that work is key managing A/R. The Foresight Companies offer funeral home owners solutions that start in the arrangement room and end at the bottom line of their Profit & Loss statement. Training and management produce measurable results for immediate impact for positive cash flow. The funeral is not over until the bill is paid.

Our A/R management program offers:

  • Analysis of existing payment policy.
  • Analysis of current accounts receivables.
  • Customized payment policy and training of staff.
  • Onsite or digital training for staff.
  • Continued measurement and management of A/R after completion of training.

Contact us to discuss how to improve your funeral home cash flow.

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    "I am a small firm and was struggling to find answers to my pricing dilemmas. My former consulting firm wasn’t listening to me and provided a pricing structure that wasn’t addressing areas of revenue loss. My accounting firm didn’t have the funeral business forte to help me either. After trying and failing to figure it out, I finally told myself I can’t do this alone, I reached out to The Foresight Companies. They truly have the “Insight”, and worked with me to get things turned around. With increases in operation, lost and unrecoverable revenues from the cremation wave, and an economically struggling community, I was able to re-structure pricing and tweak operations to turn my business around. You do not have to go it alone, Foresight is there for me like I’m there for my families"

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    Terry W. Plummer, CFSP
    Plummer Funeral Services, Inc. Litchfield, IL

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