Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study

May 28, 2020
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CNBC Business News shares insights from The Foresight Companies 2020 Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study

“Coronavirus Pandemic Forces the Funeral Industry Online” was the top story in CNBC Business News on May 27th, referring to key findings in Foresight’s revolutionary study designed to understand consumer attitudes, perceptions and behaviors about the funeral and cemetery industry prior to, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Jane Wells, a prominent reporter for CNBC news, recently interviewed Chris Cruger, Chief Operating Officer of the Foresight Companies, to discuss key findings of The Foresight Companies 2020 Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study. CNBC highlighted the fact that the $20 billion funeral and cemetery industry is being forced to meet the challenging desires of the customer.  Wells noted that online price transparency and live-streaming of funeral services may be the norm going forward, even as the country begins to open up.  She also emphasized that people are increasingly preplanning their funeral […]
May 27, 2020
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Pandemic Has Materially Changed Consumer Attitudes about Technology, Physical Presence, and Price Transparency relating to the Funeral and Cemetery Business

New survey measures transformations to a historically unchanged industry with lasting implications on buying, celebrations, practices, and physical infrastructure The pandemic has significantly altered consumer attitudes and behaviors in three key areas of the funeral and cemetery business – the buying and shopping process, the necessity of physical presence to support loved ones in their time of need, and the influence of technology on both. This according to The Foresight Companies 2020 Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study. The pandemic has necessitated consumer use of technology to adapt their behaviors to a business steeped in tradition, and the survey makes clear that these behavior changes are here to stay.  For example, 75% of consumers now want pricing online – a practice virtually unheard of today, and many consumers will not do business with providers who do not deliver transparency. In […]
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