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July 13, 2018

If Dying in Your Funeral Home is on Your Bucket List, Then Don’t Read This

We’ve all heard about it, some of us have one, and a movie was made to shed light on how it can be accomplished: A Bucket List. A loose definition of a bucket list is coming to terms with who we are as a person, what we have or have not accomplished in life, and the desire to complete a list of things we want to see or do before death. Personally, at this point in my life I don’t have a long list. Returning to Cuba for a week of cigars with local libations and attending a Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania are two that remain. As we in the funeral profession know all too well, many people have a bucket list that never came to fruition. Death is not a scheduled event (except for a conviction […]
February 14, 2018
Funeral And Cemetery Consultants Blog Retirement Planning And Social Security

Retirement Planning and Social Security

Dear Dan, I’m getting old, about to turn 62. I have owned my business for 30 years. I’d like to work until age 66 and sell the business at that time. I have a key person who wants to buy my business. The sale could coincide with my birth month, and I would like to take my Social Security at its full value. As my location is rural, I have had trouble attracting staff. My key person has been with me for 20 years – just the two of us doing everything. I told him I would be happy to stay on after the buyout for a modest salary, assuming I am only doing modest labors. I don’t want any surprise to my Social Security retirement benefit due to my continued working status. What advice can you give me? Old […]
January 25, 2018

Cemetery Impossible – Taking over a cemetery just before the sales run out calls for a hard look at the trust fund

Dear Cemetery Impossible, I live in a small town and own the local funeral home. There is one cemetery in town. It is a 40-acre cemetery and down to its last salable acre. The current owners have come to me and asked me to buy it. They are asking for $100,000. That doesn’t seem like much. My banker thinks he can do a loan for me through the SBA. My concern is, what happens when it is fully subscribed, which could be within 10 years? I have been told by the owners they are fully compliant with their perpetual care funding requirements.                 Right Time To Buy   Dear Right Time, I have done articles in the past on the issues involved in value, so I won’t waste the column inches to repeat myself again. But a purchase price of […]
December 13, 2017
Funeral And Cemetery Consultants Dan Isard Isard ICCFAMag 12 001

Cemetery Impossible – Starting a cemetery

Dear Cemetery Impossible, I have been offered land at a very attractive price and I think it can be converted to a cemetery.  The property is already zoned so that a cemetery is an acceptable use.  There are two other cemeteries about 10 miles away from this site. I am a long-time reader of this magazine even though I do not currently own or work in a cemetery. I have been around funeral service a long time, working as a casket salesman. A popular country and western music star heard of my plans and told me he will buy a family mausoleum if I do this. Will that bring in more business? I am ready to invest all I have. What am I missing? Wishing on a C&W Star   Dear Wishing, First, what you’re missing is all the things […]
November 15, 2017
Funeral And Cemetery Consultants Dan Isard Isard ICCFAMag 11 001

Cemetery Impossible – When is it OK to insert ‘to the best of my knowledge’ in warranties & representations?

Dear Dan,  I was recently in the process of selling my cemetery. The lawyers produced a sale agreement. When it came to the representations and warranties of the seller (me), there were items that I know are accurate and I can opine to. However, on some items I asked my lawyer to insert the phrase, “to the best of my knowledge.” The buyer would not allow this modification. They wanted an unlimited statement from me which I felt unqualified to give. I called off the sale. I know you are not a lawyer, but I also know you have been through hundreds of transactions in your lifetime. Was my lawyer wrong or was the buyer’s lawyer wrong? X Dear X, In any business transaction, there are fears and insecurities present for all parties involved. The seller’s fear is that they […]
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